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Bantam Planet is a game publisher directed by Ike Brunicardi as Head of Game Design & Development and supported by Max Palmer, Head of Operations & Growth, and an Art Team made up of superb independent contractors. We're a small but extremely passionate team looking to share our ideas with the world.

The 3 Pillars of a Bantam Planet Game

Rock-solid mechanics

A game is only as good as the player playing it feels it is. The core of any great game is solid mechanics. We edit our prototypes tens of thousands of times to ensure this game's mechanics feel intuitive and are rock-solid.

Expansive theme in both Breadth & Depth

Lore doesn't stop at character backstories. The world of Bantam is governed by its own laws, physics, social norms, cultural phenomenons, and more. 99% of the lore isn't even meant for the public eye, but rather for internal story and theme building.

Gorgeous Artwork

Our number one internal expense is and will continue to be to support some of the world's great artists. We strive to be one of the most beautiful games you'll ever play.

Our First Game: Bantam West

First sold via Kickstarter campaign July 2021 for 30 days. 2,580 backers joined our journey on Bantam Planet journey from the start. As a thank you for their early support we will not be taking late-buyers until the near future.

Bantam West will be available for the next round of customers in the near horizon here our website & with our retail partners.

Immersive Tabletop Experience (ITS)

ITS is a term coined for Bantam West to describe its Immersive and systemic style that heavily emphasizes player choice. They are built on a network of intertwining systems that function autonomously from the player. These networks offer players an opportunity to make their own creative solutions and approaches to achieving their goals and create an emergent narrative. Bantam West brings the spirit of these video games to the tabletop, so I made a term and logo to represent that concept...

Play as One of Four Deadly Strangers

With varied goals, abilities, and personalities as they make a name for themselves in the frontier town of Gallow Springs!
Levi Mercer, Hannah Wilde, Milea Mankiller, Jericho Jones

Thousands of individual actions
to take daily, what will you do?

Many Ways to Play & Win

Most games have limited game-winning opportunities. Real-life has millions, we believe games should too. Bantam West provides so many unique but memorable ways to win you'll find your own unique play style and win your way!

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