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The day has come, Bantam West launches today!

Published by Ike (Game Designer) on
Bantam West, KS Launch (2021)
The day has finally come!Over a year of non-stop work, late nights, early mornings, and elevated cortisol levels have brought us to this very moment. The Kickstarter Campaign for Bantam West has finally launched! I might as well take this moment to ... Read More

The Bantam Philosophy

Published by Ike (Game Designer) on
Bantam West Banner (2021)
It all started as a dream I had while deployed overseas...Our company, Bantam Planet, is a game publisher directed by Ike Brunicardi with the support of Lead Graphic Designer David MacKenzie, Head of Marketing Max Palmer, and an Ar... Read More

The Story Behind The Minis

Published by Ike (Game Designer) on
Bantam West, All Minis (2021)
Our focus is to make a great game that includes miniatures as an enhancement, not a necessity...Bantam West has hints of both Euro and American-style. It has an engine-building mechanic and requires strategy, but also allows for PvP fighting and has aspects of luck ... Read More

Player Boards - Your Control Center

Published by Ike (Game Designer) on
Bantam West Player Board Back (2021)
All information is tracked and all decisions are made using your Player Board…Each player has their own character-specific Player Board. The boards were designed to make the player feel as though they were their character, looking at their own desk. It is cluttered ... Read More

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Reimagined

Published by Ike (Game Designer) on
Bantam West Enemy Tokens
Bantam West offers a deck-building PvP and PvE combat system…The Bantam Combat System is the same whether you are fighting another player or an Enemy NPC. Players begin each game with 7 starting cards that make up their Combat Deck... Read More
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