Bringing Gallow Springs to Life

Bringing Gallow Springs to Life

Gallow Springs is more than just a hub world for player interaction…

This small town on the edge of civilization is full of larger-than-life personalities and rich with history. It has been shaped by the conflicts of its past, and the blood that has soaked its grounds. Located on the Dethelm Frontier, just outside the reach of the law, it is a symbol of freedom and is regulated by good ol’ fashioned frontier justice!

Gallow Springs was founded by the Gallow Family in the year 113 A.H. The year is now 276 A.H. and the Gallow Family has been in the Mayor’s seat for 3 generations now. The title is currently held by Francis Gallow—a serious and fatherly friend of the people. Everyone in town knows and adores Francis and his wife, Queeney.

Francis Gallow.PNG
Francis Gallow (© Bantam Planet LLC)

Unfortunately, those two and a handful of others were the only survivors of a violent raid that ravaged the town 20 years prior. Nowadays, the town is mostly full of new faces. Even with all the newcomers, there is still a strong sense of family and a strong sense of belonging in the community. The townsfolk tend to look out for one another and are ready to bring up arms in defense of their home. So long as there’s air left in their lungs, they won’t let Gallow Spring’s tragic history repeat itself.

However, the average Citizen does not often venture beyond the limits of the town and especially off the well-traveled roads that lead to Hemlock—Midland’s Capital. The lands surrounding town harbor a myriad of unsavory individuals and beasts.

The hundreds of miles of land along the Dethelm Frontier contains 4 military outposts and Midland’s federal penitentiary and asylum called Seagrave Asylum. As a result, bandits and escaped convicts are hidden throughout the frontier, and certain expeditionary units from the Midland Army will be found patrolling the area. While exploring the frontier, you will come across the occasional bandit hideout. It is up to you to choose the stealthy approach and slip past them, or go break into their cabins guns blazing!

Bandits Wilderness.PNG
Bandit Hideout (© Bantam Planet LLC)

Once you're done clearing the bad guys from your own little slice of heaven on the frontier, make your way back into town to sell your newfound loot! While you're perusing the shops in town, be sure to get to know the shopkeepers. Whether you're talking to Strap Gatman in the Gunsmith, Rita LaRoux in the Trading Post, Melissa Zinn in the Saloon, or Mirth Graymane in the Stables, you'll quickly find that the town is full of colorful characters. When you receive your copy of Bantam West (link), be sure to read up on the section titled "Tour of Gallow Springs" to learn more about each one!

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