Four Deadly Strangers: Levi

Four Deadly Strangers: Levi

In Bantam West (link), you can play as one of four characters. Each character has varied abilities, skills, personality, and goals. If you care to dig a bit deeper, they have their own backstories and traumas as well. With only one week until the Kickstarter (link) launches, this is the last character backstory to be revealed. Let me introduce you to the fourth and final one...

Levi Mercer

Bantam West Character Card - Levi Mercer
Levi Mercer (© Bantam Planet LLC)

Hailing from Hemlock City, the national capital of Midland, this city slicker earned his mastery of fieldcraft and gun-slinging during his time in the Midland Army. A natural-born leader, Levi served his time in the Army as an Officer and leader of men. After a few chaotic years and a series of traumatic events, Levi went from Officer to outlaw. He still carries his nickname "The Marauder" with him like a curse and a grim reminder of the horrific happenings of his previous life. His extensive training, physical fitness, and agility have allowed him to push past old wounds and become one of the frontier's most renowned gunslingers.

Levi is a roughneck with a heart of gold. His enemies fear him, but his friends would follow him to the icy plains Nil and back. His skillsets are best utilized by players who are looking for a fight. In his eyes, violence begins where diplomacy ends, and his diplomatic approach died long ago. Levi is focused on getting into gunfights, recruiting troops, and tracking and hunting legendary beasts. There are five words that Levi lives by...

“Bend the knee to no man”

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