Introduction to the Art of Bantam West

Introduction to the Art of Bantam West

Why not create a board game that showcases AAA video game art styles?

By no means am I a professional artist. I was raised to be an artist and a musician, but I have not put in nearly enough hours to master any medium in particular. One day, though, one day... or so I keep telling myself.

Having been raised in that way imparted within me a tremendous appreciation and keen eye for art. When I began this endeavor on June 23rd, 2020, I set game artwork, graphic design, and user interface (UI) as a few of my highest priorities. Beautiful aesthetics and sleek designs make every experience infinitely more enjoyable.

As game development began to take off, the artwork and mechanics were designed simultaneously. The artwork drove the mechanics, and the mechanics drove the artwork. While that approach made some aspects of game design and prototyping MUCH more frustrating, it all paid off in the final product. I found that everything has a certain synchronicity and harmony to it, as it was all designed in conjunction.

Once the foundations of the theme and setting were laid, I set my sights on designing the box art. My favorite professional board game artist is the legendary Vincent Dutrait (link). I love the soft and distinctive lines and coloring that make up his unique style. However, for Bantam West (link), I wanted to take a different approach to art than I had seen in any other board game. I thought of the video games that boast the most beautiful artwork in the entire industry and shot for the stars...

Wilderness Day.jpg
Dethelm Wilderness (© Bantam Planet LLC)

When I had received that initial response from Shaddy Safadi of One Pixel Brush (link), I couldn't believe my eyes. The concept art studio responsible for artwork from The Last of Us 1 and 2 and the Uncharted series responded and were eager to work on this project! Needless to say, we got to work right away.

Town Night.PNG
Gallow Springs Night (© Bantam Planet LLC)

Our vision was to use extremely detailed 3D assets to bring the 2D product to life. We set out to make the box art and all of the board art. It took nearly 8 months of designing and drafting, and nearly 1000 emails, but we were left with a breathtaking product.

Wetlands Day.PNG
Wetlands Day (© Bantam Planet LLC)

The use of 3D assets also allowed us to re-use the landscape in creative ways. We were able to move the camera around within the asset and create a 3D game trailer that will be revealed when our Kickstarter (link) launches on July 13th, 2021.

Mountains Night.jpg
Mountains Night (© Bantam Planet LLC)

I am beyond grateful to have worked alongside such incredible artists, and this art is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned, and I'll continue to share the stories of the other artists that helped bring this project to life!

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