The day has come, Bantam West launches today!

Bantam West, KS Launch (2021)

The day has finally come!

Over a year of non-stop work, late nights, early mornings, and elevated cortisol levels have brought us to this very moment. The Kickstarter Campaign for Bantam West has finally launched! I might as well take this moment to explain how this all started, for those who are interested...

It started on my deployment to the Middle East with the 82nd Airborne Division. My fellow Paratroopers and I would play cards and board games to pass the time when we were off-duty. My friend found an old copy of the legendary game Catan. This copy had to be at least 20 years old and was covered in dust. The antique feel of the game made it seem as though we were uncovering an ancient treasure. After my very first play-through of Catan that night, I was hooked. I realized that there was much more to board games than your usual big-name games.

From that moment on, I found myself thinking "Why doesn't someone make a game where you can do 'X' and 'Y'?" But why wait for someone else to make your dream, when you can make it yourself!!!

Following that deployment, I was inspired to make a board game that offered players freedom and an escape to another world. From this inspiration, I designed the first prototype of Bantam West out of my garage. After thousands of hours of work by Max, Dave, and myself, and all of our own money invested, Bantam West has transformed from a hand-drawn prototype to a gorgeous world laid out on your table.

We look forward to seeing you on the Kickstarter page. Wish us luck!

Click here to visit our Kickstarter page. Keep in mind, backers that pledge Home On The Range level or above within the first 48 hrs receive a FREE Dead Settler's Map!

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