Four Deadly Strangers: Mika

Four Deadly Strangers: Mika

In Bantam West (link), you can play as one of four characters. Each character has varied abilities, skills, personality, and goals. If you care to dig a bit deeper, they have their own backstories and traumas as well. With only four weeks until the Kickstarter (link) launches, I'll reveal a brief backstory for one of the characters each week. Let me introduce you to the first one...

Mika Mankiller

Bantam West Character Card - Mika
Mika Mankiller (© Bantam Planet LLC)

Born in the Krowko Wetlands when it was still Cascan territory and before it was annexed by Midland, Mika is a Cascan native. She is the beloved daughter of Chief Mehnenoka and sister to a group of traitorous brothers. After earning the surname "Mankiller" in an act of self-defense against her tribe's most promising young warrior, her brothers grew to loathe her. The days she spent hiding from her brothers and escaping to her own little swamp side retreat had impressed within her a natural ability for stealth and cunning. After being betrayed and captured, she escaped only to find herself in an entirely new world surrounded by a foreign culture.

Mika is most comfortable in the shadows. Her skillsets are best utilized by players who want to lay low, stick to themselves, and "appropriate" the wealth of others. Why work hard for something, when somebody else has already done the hard work for you? Mika is focused on breaching and looting cabins, hunting down ancient relics, and building an underground network. There are three words that Mika lives by…

"Take what's yours"

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