Four Deadly Strangers: Jericho

Four Deadly Strangers: Jericho

In Bantam West (link), you can play as one of four characters. Each character has varied abilities, skills, personality, and goals. If you care to dig a bit deeper, they have their own backstories and traumas as well. With only three weeks until the Kickstarter (link) launches, I'll continue to reveal a brief backstory for one of the characters each week. Let me introduce you to the second one...

Jericho Jones

Bantam West Character Card - Jericho
Jericho Jones (Β© Bantam Planet LLC)

Born and raised on the island of Olympia in Madeira's Sandbar, Jericho is a laid-back introvert who has a plan for every eventuality. He avoided the party lifestyle that is so prevalent in Madeira's Sandbar and used his razor-sharp focus and wit to overcome the obstacles of his childhood. Covered in the scars of his past from his street-fighting days when he was known as "Little Cisco", he is now a persuasive businessman with a warm smile with an extremely intimidating presence. Although he avoids fighting and killing, he remains ever capable and equipped to do what he has to do to keep his business ventures alive.

Jericho's silver tongue and mountainous stature give him undeniable charisma. His skillsets are best utilized by players who would rather build an enterprise than start a fight. Why get blood on your handmade silk vest, after all? Jericho is focused on mastering his money-making skills, mining silver, and crafting artisan goods. If he is pushed to his limits, he may resort to his old ways and brawl his way to victory. There are four words that Jericho lives by...

"Everything has a price"

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