Four Deadly Strangers: Hannah

Four Deadly Strangers: Hannah

In Bantam West (link), you can play as one of four characters. Each character has varied abilities, skills, personality, and goals. If you care to dig a bit deeper, they have their own backstories and traumas as well. With only two weeks until the Kickstarter (link) launches, I'll reveal a brief backstory for one of the characters each week. Let me introduce you to the third one...

Hannah Wilde

Bantam West Character Card - Hannah Wilde
Hannah Wilde (Β© Bantam Planet LLC)

Born in Viscere, the main port city in the desert region of the Q'Tanu Enclave, Hannah is a tough and passionate fighter with a knack for storytelling. Through her confidence and eloquence, she has assembled, unified, and led a number of notorious gangs since she was a small girl, all of whom referred to her endearingly as "Big Sis". Trained to fight by her father, she has been conditioned to always land on her feet and trust no one. Unfortunately, her rough upbringing has lit fiery malice within her heart and she lives out her days guided by that aggression.

In the saloon, Hannah is like a conductor and the crowd is like her symphony. She can tell captivating stories and has a powerful influence over others. Her skillsets are best utilized by players who want to disrupt the natural flow of things and wreak havoc. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Hannah is focused on burning cabins, recruiting goons, and gambling in the saloon. There are three words that Hannah lives by...

"Fire cleanses all"

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